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Customization is important for Dot Vision, we produce a wide array of custom products to meet high precision vision needs. We understand that each application have a different field of view, require a different pattern and maybe different substrate material. By using our services, you can get your complete target within 7 working days.

1.  Selecting the right substrate material and proper manufacturing process is the basic but most important step to customize a calibration target.  

 STEP 01, the operating environment (transmission or reflective illumination) is essential to select either transparent or opaque material. Transparent materials are for example soda lime glass, acryl or film. For reflective applications opaque materials such as matte ceramic, aluminum and carbon fiber boards are your options.

 STEP 02, the required accuracy is the important parameter when selecting the manufacturing process. The accuracy of a high-resolution printing process as an example is +/-10um while the accuracy of Direct Write lithography process for a chrome pattern is +/-0.3um; Besides accuracy, the Smallest line width or minimum feature size is also a critical parameter when selecting the manufacturing process. The limitation of the Direct Write lithography of chrome pattern is 0.75um. The high-resolution printing process allows pattern sizes down to 0.3mm;

- As an example, consider a minimum feature size of 3um with accuracy of +/-15um using transmission illumination. Direct Write lithography using chrome pattern and sode lime glass---chrome on soda lime glass is in this case the material and process of your choice.

You can refer to webpage  Select right substrate material and proper manufacturing process for selection, or you are always welcome to discuss with us via  info@dot-vision.com, Dot Vision engineer will come back to you immediately within 24 hours; 

2. After selecting material and manufacturing process, you can send us your drawing via  info@dot-vision.com(PDF, .dwg, .dxf, .jpg files are all fine), Dot Vision engineer will come back to you; 

 if you don't have drawing, Dot Vision engineer could help you design the drawing;

3. Dot Vision engineering team will make you quotation; 

4. After order entry, Dot Vision engineers will send you manufacturing drawing for double confirmation before final manufacturing; 

5. Customization manufacturing time is within 7 working days after final manufacturing drawing is confirmed;