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Chrome on glass target with Backlights in one assemblies
Description: Back-lit Backlights specially for image analysis and processing with high uniformity >95% across the entire display, Custom chrome on soda lime glass (float glass) target with overall accuracy +/-1um

1. Customization MOQ is 1pcs.

2. Dot Vision directly serves and supports international customers.

3. You can get in touch with our engineers quickly by clicking below Buttom "Inquiry now" "Ask Questions" "Customization"

Custom Chrome on glass calibration target & chart and custom Back-lit Backlights in one assemblies

Use Dot Vision custom high uniformity Back-lit Backlights to match the size of the calibration targets/charts/reticles completely. Sometimes it’s difficult to find an illumination to match the dimension of the test&calibration targets/charts/recticles precisely, especially when you have high uniformity demanding with the backlights. In this case Dot Vision is an option for you.


1. Uniformity:  The Back-lit Backlights from Dot Vision is specially designed for high accuracy demands in test&calibration processing. Especially the uniformity is >95% among the whole area.

2. The emitting surface is perfectly matching the calibration targets/charts/reticles dimension.

3. Flexibility of Custom Design in Wavelength:  In Red, Green, Blue, White color, and IR (e.g. IR850nm, IR870nm, IR 940nm) wavelength.  Even specific peak wavelength with accuracy +/-5nm is customizable as your design completely. 

4. Flexibility of Custom Design on size/shape:  Thickness and overall size of the Back-lit Backlights is perfectly the same as your custom design of the calibration target/chart.

5. Flexibility of Custom Design for limited or compact space:  With minimum thickness down to 12mm and thin edge design, Dot Vision offers space-saving advantages and maximizes the emitting area.

6. Customized design available for tiny emitting areas (down to 12 x 12mm)  / large emitting areas (up to 2m x2m).

7. Flexible connectors are available.

8. Custom mounting solution of the complete set is flexible.

9. Lead time is 10 working days on production even for custom Back-lit Backlights.


Back-lit backlights are placed behind the chrome on glass calibration target to highlight the outline of delicate patterns/features. Back-lit backlights offer a very homogeneous, uniform and diffuse light while minimizing the reflections of the object.

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With guaranteed product quality, all calibration targets are tested using precision measurement instruments before packing and delivery to clients to ensure the accuracy.


Test report of a Dot Vision calibration target using a GOM 3D inspection system

Dot Vision can provide third party certificate of the accury from feature to feature for the customization product if you require. You can name and require  any feature/position which you want accuracy certification from third party.

  • How about customization?

    We are always happy and patient to hear your own ideas about the design of a customised calibration target, MOQ is 1pcs.

  • How can I make payment?

    Paypal, credit card, or bank transfer are all available. 

  • How does Dot Vision make delivery to you?

    Dot Vision use DHL/Fedex/TNT/UPS to make the delivery to international customers from worldwide, no matter you are from Asia, America, or Europe. Normally you can receive package within 3 days, fastest service is in 2 days.

  • Where does Dot Vision serve and support?

    Dot Vision directly serves and supports international customers from worldwide, Asia, America, Europe.

  • Is there initial setup cost for customization?

    Dot Vision makes any customization pattern without extra initial setup cost, besides, Dot Vision offers to design the drawing for you without charge which is within our service.

  • How can I get in touch with Dot Vision immediately?

    You can get in contact with us quickly from the yellow buttoms "Inquiry Now", "Ask Question", "Customization", you can also send us an e-mail via info@dot-vision.com, our engineer will get back to you immediately within 24 hours.

  • How to get customization/ what's the customization procedure?

    1. Selecting the suitable substrate material is the first but also important step in customization, you can refer to this webpage  Select right substrate material to select suitable material, or you are always welcome to discuss with us to select suitable material via  info@dot-vision.com, Dot Vision engineer will come back to you immediately within 24 hours; 

    2. After selecting material, you can send us your drawing via  info@dot-vision.com(PDF, .dwg, .dxf, .jpg files are all fine), Dot Vision engineer will come back to you immediately within 24 hours; 

    if you don't have drawing, Dot Vision engineer could help to design the drawing;

    3. Dot Vision engineering team will make you quotation based on the material and your drawing; 

    4. After order entry, Dot Vision engineers will send you final manufacturing drawing for double confirmation before final manufacturing; 

    5. Customization manufacturing time is within 7 working days after final manufacturing drawing is confirmed;