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Come to meet our newest product--A combination of chrome-on-glass target and backlighting

If in your application you need to use back lighting and chrome-on-glass transparent calibration target at the same time,Dot Vision newest product would do you help. e.g. now you already select that you need a 50x50mm chrome-on-glass target, Dot Vision can customize the exactly suitable size backlighting and mechanical part for the 50x50mm target, the final delivered product will be an assembled piece from calibration target, mechanical part, and backlighting.

The 5 sides of the target except the side with pattern are perfectly covered by mechanical part to erase doube-image.

Halcon compatible patterns,Halcon 12 compatible patterns, Dot array patterns, Chessboard patterns, Open CV patterns are all available, also your own custom pattern.

 Request for customization

Product Image

With doube-image as normal                                                                          

_DSC7843 .jpg


Without double-image