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Pattern Description: dimension 100x100mm, array 13x12, grid size 6.0x6.0mm, chrome on glass
Compatible with the OpenCV calibration

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Pattern Description
Grid Size (mm)6.0 x 6.0
Grid Array13 x 12Pattern Size (mm)78 x 72
Dimension / Geometry
Overall Dimension (mm)100 x 100Thickness (mm)3.0
Dimension tolerance (mm)0.1Thickness Tolerance (mm)0.1


Angle of the edges
Grid Width Tolerance (mm)0.001Grid Length Tolerance (mm)0.001

Accuracy from Chart / Target edge to chrome feature / pattern (mm)

0.05Overall Accuracy (mm)0.001

Standard Coating Type: 

Low Reflective Chrome

 Color: Dark Brown;


 OD (Optical Density) >3;

No pinhole bigger than 0.001mm;

Substrate Properties

Chrome pattern on stable float glass substrate--suitable for backlight illumination/ transmission illumination applications

Surface QualityScratch:Dig<=40:20
Surface Roughness<0.025umSurface Flatness5-10um
Thermal Expansion Coeff (15 to 200 )100X10-7 / Annealing Point>530 
Refractive Index




Transmission (400~700nm)90% (transmittance can be increased by applying AR coating on glass surface if needed)
Knoop Hardness>500 kg/mm2Shear Modulus3000 kg/mm2


How to select a suitable calibration plate

How to make customization in Dot Vision/Customization procedure

Customization options(accuracy, substrate material, etc)


With guaranteed product quality, all calibration targets are tested using precision measurement instruments before packing and delivery to clients to ensure the accuracy.


Test report of a Dot Vision calibration target using a GOM 3D inspection system

We can provide a third party certificate of accury for the standard product if you require.

Dot Vision use direct write lithography technology to make chrome pattern / chrome mask layer above transparent soda lime glass (float glass) and opaque ceramic substrate to ensure high accuracy.

  • 1. Minimum feature size: Down to 0.7 m

  • 2. Address grid: Down to 12.5 nm

  • 3. Exchangeable write modes

  • 4. Real-time autofocus system

  • 5. High power DPSS laser with 355 nm wavelength

  • 6. Camera system for metrology and alignment

  • 7. Closed-loop climate chamber

  • 8. Edge detector system

Chrome Mask Production Process.png

Instructions for protecting the calibration target

The glass or ceramic substrate calibration targets are made with a high flatness and low thermal expansion coefficients. There is not much to maintain, but of course you should be careful using the target. Dont let it fall down, be careful during transportation, the side showing the pattern should be upside during use and transportation. Avoid scratches.

If you notice dust on the calibration target, use ear washing bulbs to remove the dust. If theres dirt on the target, use clean water and woven cloth to clean it.

Holes/ angles/ corners on the calibration target are available

5.jpg  16.jpg  37.jpg

Irregular shapes of calibration target are available

20.jpg  22.jpg  26.jpg

28.jpg  29.jpg  35.jpg

Coating Types

High Reflective Chrome (Silver): 

Reflectivity<65% @436nm

Low Reflective Chrome (Dark Brown): 

Reflectivity<25% @550nm

Blue Chrome (Blue):  

Reflectivity<5% @632nm 




3.jpg  5.jpg  16.jpg

9.jpg  10.jpg  11.jpg

18.jpg  35.jpg  43.jpg

20.jpg  22.jpg  28.jpg

26.jpg  29.jpg  30.jpg

33.jpg  38.jpg  40.jpg

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  • Q: How about customization?  

    A: We are always happy and patient to hear your own ideas about the design of a customised calibration target, MOQ is 1pcs.

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